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“Well-behaved women rarely make history”
-Eleanor Roosevelt


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Think outside the mall and discover a more gratifying and personalize shopping experience when visiting our collaborative retail space located at the Crystal Canvas.  Featuring one of a kind rarities, from plush antique furniture to rare vintage jewelry, to hip streetwear, we have quite a collection from Everyday in Retrograde you're sure to find that special one-of-a-kind item you didn’t even know you we’re looking for!

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Personal Shopper, Styling and Wardrobe Rental Services


Book an appointment to take advantage of our free, in-house, specialized personal styling appointments. These come with a free consultation. Once sourcing begins  small deposit will be paid and can be used later to purchase merchandise.  Whether you’re looking for a couple of seasons staples, a total wardrobe makeover, or just to rent a fabulous look for the night, we have you covered. Book an appointment, or simply give us a call to talk about your needs or ask questions!

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 We are on several online platforms, we encourage you to check out our online selection do you have an idea of what to expect in store. Whether you’re a local or not, we can always ship your item to yo

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