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Thanks for stopping by! Our website is on hiatus right now, but Everyday in Retrograde is still 100% open for business! Here’s where you can find us: Shop our widest selection online on our depop. Find it here: We’d love for you to connect with us ❤️ Check out our Instagram account, @everydayinretrograde follow us for updates on new drops, sales, pop up markets, photoshoots and BTS antics... Here’s the direct link!: Good news for y’all Gainesville locals—our physical location is now open—as a seconds shop at The GNV Flea located in The Heart of Gainesville Thrift Store at 125 NW 23rd Ave. Open Mon-Sat • 9am-3pm With over 10 vendors, there’s a lot of cool gear and much variety to choose from. If you wanna show their IG some love, check em out here: ❤️❤️❤️ The Retrobabe Team

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